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Sat May 23 & Sun May 24, 2015 San Jose, CA

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Srini Saripalli

Srini Saripalli

Srini Saripalli is one of the foremost human change makers and peak performance experts in the world today. Widely considered as a “Change Master” Srini uses a compelling combination of Hypnosis and Neuro Conditioning to make powerful & life lasting changes in people almost instantly.

He is a sought after speaker, teacher and a mentor to many on the subjects of business & personal success.Regarded by many of the world’s foremost speakers and trainers as a true transformational expert Srini’s Radio & TV shows reach about 5 million people in USA and beyond.

Specializing in the niche area of “Human Behavior Modification”,  he offers many training programs to individuals and corporations alike. Srini’s Radio & TV shows reach about 5 million people in USA and beyond.

Srini has transformed the lives of over 100,000 people through his seminars, workshops & presentations. He has been featured on ZeeTV USA and many other international media publications. Over 400,000 people listen to Srini’s “Success Talk” on a daily basis across various Radio and TV channels world wide.


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